About Karlijn Woudstra
Hereby I am writing this letter to recommend my impressions of the qualities of Karlijn Woudstra, based on our intensive cooperation during her internship in our studio.
Her contribution was so innovative and inspiring that after her internship we decided to offer her a position as a junior knitwear designer.
We are a small company, known as specialized in knitwear for most of the Belgian designers such as Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Christian Wijnants, Dirk van Saene. We also have our own label and we also develop collections for other labels, not just for clothing but also for design. Always based on knitwear.
That’s why we were happy with Karlijn who joined us with her fresh perspective on fashion design. She takes initiative in a very special way and knows how to work this out.
Because we approach knitwear, not ‘out of the book’, Karlijn has developed her own vision for the development of an assignment. Her knowledge of threads and qualities, as well as her sense of colors, is a plus.
She has a fresh excellent fashion aptitude and good communication skills. After this training Karlijn is aware of the course of the progression by the making and designing of a knitted garment.
This includes:
-making the design based on a mood board
-making samples
-calculation of the pattern, based on the proportion of the sample
-the knitting
-the washing
-the finishing
For more information you are always welcome to contact me.
Yours Sincerely,

Hilde Frunt

Entredeux bvba

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